What we do

Quality Interconnect Cabling takes your custom wire harness or cable assembly requirements and builds them to your specifications. We simply ask for your wire harness or cable assembly drawing, or you can even provide us a real sample of the assembly that we can measure and work with, to create a quotation for you!  When you’re satisfied with the quotation, and ready to move forward with manufacturing of the assembly, we will build a sample wire harness or cable assembly and have you check it over for approval or modification. We can also take your wire harness, cable assembly or lead assemblies and build them into a panel or chassis.


Our Mission

To provide the communications market with Quality Interconnect Cabling products.

Our Reputation

QIC has built a reputation of providing the best possible products at a fair price, delivered when you need them.

Our Guatantee

Our work is guaranteed to meet or exceed all applicable standards of each product at the time of manufacture. All of our cable products are individually tested before shipping. Documentation is available upon request.

Our History

In 1995, Pamela Trefethen, a New Hampshire native, began assembling cables at home when her husband, Bruce, took custom cable orders from customers who had been turned away by the electronics company he worked for. These first cable assemblies were the catalyst for a new enterprise.

Since 1982, Bruce had been selling components of data communication systems, including fiber optics. Bruce became a certified fiber optic trainer and he offered classes to customers. Bruce also graduated from the Fiber Optic Association’s first CFOT, Certified Fiber Optic Technician, certification course and still holds his original certification number of 017. Bruce eventually discovered that many of his customers decided that the work was too difficult due to the small size and fragile nature of the materials. Pamela found the fiber cables particularly interesting, and soon discovered that she had the knack for attaching the connectors to the cable. “It’s just like threading a needle – only your thread is a piece of glass, so you have to get it right the first try or it breaks,” says Pamela.

Bruce and Pamela soon had to hire part-time help to keep up with all the orders. In 1997 Bruce decided to leave his job and join Pamela full-time. “It was a big step of faith, but it has been rewarding, and I’d definitely do it again,” Bruce asserts.

The primary focus of Quality Interconnect Cabling is on fiber optic cabling, creating cable assemblies in-house as well as terminating and testing for customers at their locations. Quality Interconnect Cabling has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, and works to give their customers the best quality possible by testing every single cable with up-to-date, high-tech instruments and test equipment.